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Polaris Ranger Vs John Deere Gators

Polaris Ranger 900 XP on the South Coast of England

We were recently given the chance to test a Polaris Ranger on the South coast against a selection of other SxS vehicles. We jumped at the chance and grabbed our 900 XP demonstrator machine.

The machines we were up against were the John Deere Gator Diesel, and Gator UXV590i. We realise the 900 XP may have been a bit overkill, but even the Ranger 570 packs a hefty 44HP punch, compared the Gator’s 32HP.

The video speaks for itself really, the Ranger makes mincemeat of the loose shingle dune, whereas the Gators struggle to make the climb.

We were surprised the petrol Gator didn’t appear to have proper four wheel drive, whilst attempting to climb a rock we had only three wheels spinning, which can also been seen in the video below.  In a Ranger it’s true 4×4 and all four wheels put down the power when needed.

If you’re in two minds about which side by side to get, you can always book a demo of a Polaris Ranger with us here.

[youtube id=”3z-JgH2u0EU” width=”700″ height=”390″ fullwidth=”yes”]


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