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Winter is coming!

Polaris Ranger Snow Plough

Prepare for winter this year with genuine Polaris accessories available from David Webb Engineering.

We are able to offer a range of accessories to help keep your grounds ice and snow free, including gritters and snow ploughs available for both the Polaris Sportsman quads and Polaris Rangers.

Pictured here is a mid size Ranger 570 with snow plough.  The height is controlled by a winch attached to the machine which can be used when the plough is detached, and angle adjustment is carried out by a powerful electric ram.  Both of these adjustments can be easily made via the four control buttons mounted conveniently on the gear shift.

Glass windscreen with 180 degree wash/wipe, cabin heater and doors will ensure the operator remains warm and dry whilst carrying out their ploughing duties.

The plough is mounted on a quick release bracket, so its removed/added to the machine in seconds.

Please contact us if you’d like pricing on any accessories.  We can also quote for a fully equipped machine, ready to go, such as the Ranger 570 pictured.

Polaris Ranger Snow Plough
Ranger 570 midsize with snow plough
Polaris Ranger Snow Plough
Ranger midsize with snowplough
Polaris Ranger with snow plough
Ranger 570 midsize mounting bracket
Polaris Ranger with snow plough side view
Polaris Ranger with snow plough side view
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