Need a ride up a mountain? Snow problem with Webb Engineering!

Polaris Ranger Crew with winch by David Webb, Polaris Main Dealer

Our customer needed a dependable workhorse to move skiers and their equipment around the Alps.

The 6 seater Ranger Crew was selected for the base vehicle and this was then customised by David Webb Engineering to fit the needs of our customer perfectly.

Additions to the Crew include:

  • Full Polaris Pro Steel Cab
  • Polaris Cabin Heater (heat provided by hot water from the engine)
  • Polaris Winch
  • Full DWE Road Kit, featuring indicators, horn, hazards, side lights, roof mounted warning beacon, twin wiper kit, towing electrics, 3 x rear view mirrors

Polaris Ranger Crew with full DWE Road Kit

Polaris Ranger Crew

Polaris Ranger Crew with Pro Steel Cab


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